Step One™

Step One™ is an inpatient medical stabilization and withdrawal management service for adults with drug, alcohol, and related health issues.

Our Step One™ consists of a medically supervised hospital stay for inpatient stabilization that typically lasts 3 to 4 days.

Our inpatient stay includes:

  • Pre-Screening
  • Assessment
  • Admission
  • Medical Stabilization
  • Appropriate Discharge Planning


Patients who are admitted and under the influence of chemical substances, and are considered medically unstable, will be closely observed and stabilized.

Once the patient has been stabilized, they are discharged from the hospital with a referral to a community based provider to begin treatment of the underlying disease of drug/alcohol addiction



The diagnosis for inpatient admission can only be made by a licensed physician.

The service accepts most insurance plans.

For additional information on Step One™ contact us 1-800-XXX-XXX or by contacting us.

Hospital Benefits

  • Decreased pressure on valuable ER resources
  • Effective case management & reduced length of stay
  • Meet community needs for treatment services
  • Assists in establishing more efficient handling of these cases

Evergreen Healthcare Partners will prepare an individual proposal based on the specific circumstances and needs of the hospital. The hospital will complete a data sheet that allows development of a feasibility analysis and a financial pro forma. The custom proposal includes a detail of service, and an agreement can be submitted upon request.


Evergreen Healthcare Partners will provide administrative services to assist in the efficient management, organization, and execution of a public information campaign for delivery of Inpatient Medical Stabilization services. Also included is on-site personnel, corporate administration systems, reporting systems, suggested medical protocols, nursing education, community awareness materials and systems, and support activities to assure continuous care.

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